Highlights of 2018 & 2019

Hi y'all and happy New Year and decade!!! Well.... last post I said I hoped my highlights wouldn't be a year late.... but now we're a couple years behind so here's the highlights over the past 2 years LOL (better late than never).

Before we jump into it, how are we liking the revamped blog? Weird to think I've had this blog since 2007, when the best name I could come up with was "Stephienese". I haven't identified with that description in forever but didn't want to change my name until it felt right. After 13 years, I finally figured it out. With Stephie. All thanks to Instagram haha... I started hashtagging my IG posts with TravelWithStephie, StyleWithStephie, HomeWithStephie, LifeWithStephie, etc. I wanted to organize my posts (like a little mobile blog) then suddenly it came to me last year. With Stephie! Some of y'all have been with me since the very beginning and I kinda love (and cringe) reading my old posts. Like an old diary. But that's been my journey and I'm thankful y'all are hanging in there with me :)

Ok enough of that... wait. One more thing, I'm so excited about my blog theme. It took a while to find a premade template that I liked but I'm loving it. It's the small things! Alright NOW we can move onto the highlights!

The past couple years, we have had lots of highlights and some low. If you watch my vlogs, you know about all of it but I'd like to focus on all the great things that happened.

We have traveled and learned about new cultures. We have spent so much more time with family and these memories are what I cherish. It's crazy to see how much has changed in just two years. I'm excited to see what the next 2 (and 10 years) bring! Also I hope next year, I'll be more prompt in sharing my 2020 highlights :)

2018 Highlights

We traveled to Europe for the very first time and stopped in Zurich and London! I have vlogs from my trip and plan on sharing some blog posts about what to try in each locations and hotel tips for the Zurich Airport Transit Hotel and Oakley Court. Also Juicy stayed at a boarder for 16 days. It was tough and was the longest we've both been away from her. But she did great! The boarder was also a hospital so they were able to take care of her, especially her being diabetic.

My lola came to visit from the Philippines. It was her first time meeting Mike and needless to say.... I think he's her favorite lol

I had a work trip to Las Vegas and it just so happened to land on my 30th birthday (the power of manifesting lol)! I'm not much into the clubbing scene anymore but we had a good time experiencing Vegas (although much more watered down than what you may want lol) and most importantly, my family in LA was close enough to head over. I was able to spend quality family time and to me, that's most valuable!

I had a CPE conference in Boston so of course, Mike came along :) We went to a Red Sox game and had a great time.

We explored Amsterdam and met up with my Aunt who lives in Holland. The Netherlands is by far one of my most favorite countries!!

So grateful for this sweet little thang!

2019 Highlights

One day Mike was riding around to check out estate sales and came across a new development. He walked the model home and texted me that we needed to see it together. I had been filming videos and for some reason, I said LET'S GO! We weren't even seriously thinking about moving before then but a few things happened that made us not love our area. After going through the model home, we were sold! I remember posting this pictures saying "window shopping" but really, it was in our minds to start a new build.

And so, the process began. We worked on getting our first home up for sale. It was a little hectic, especially because Juicy was recovering from a corneal ulcer. We noticed during Christmas that she was squinting her eye. We tried ointment and treatment with her regular vet but it ended up being indolent so she had 2 procedures (first a debridement and then a grid keratotomy). Luckily, after the 2nd procedures, her eye healed. Towards the end of the year, she got 2 more ulcers in her opposite eye but they healed without surgery (thank goodness).

This was my first trip to Europe without Mike. I took a train to visit my Aunt in the Netherlands and we visited the Keukenhof. It was incredible!

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