Edit: I wrote this at the end of 2017 but life got busy.... so here it is, going up a year later but tis the season for me to get my sh*t together... so enjoy hehe

As I reflect on 2017, my biggest takeaway is that the most meaningful life one can live is an authentic one. Not to say that any other year wasn't "authentic" but I really feel I've grown into myself, honestly and confidently. I accept my flaws and my strengths. I accept that not every situation is going to be great and positive and that's okay. Those trying and harder times are what builds your character. They shed light on areas of improvement and that's a beautiful thing.

Life is an ever evolving thing. Nothing ever stays the same forever, you have to learn to grow through every situation you face. This year Mike and I both changed jobs, actually right around the same time. While we had good jobs, they took a toll on us over the years. We grew threw each of the more stressful times. But there comes a time when you have to decide whether situations (work or non-work related) are worth continuing trying to fix, improve, whatever you want to call it. We had to decide whether what we were doing vocationally was worth it to meet our overall goals of raising a happy, healthy family. After a year or so, we decided it just wasn't the right fit.

So we've both taken a leap of faith and are pursuing careers we know we have a passion for. It's been a really good move for us both. I can see a huge difference in our emotional, mental and physical health. And that's what's most important right? I'm all for helping be a part of the change but at some point, you have to realize when the energy you put out is just not worth it. Happy New Year. New year, same you - just better.