Product Review: Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner & Mascara Routine (Naturally Full & Long Lashes)

Hi y'all!

I'm finally sharing a highly requested video over how I got my lashes to grow into long, full spidery beasts. 

I started my Revitalash journey about 3 years ago. I am SO happy they brought back the original Revitalash Advanced formula. I bought my newest tube from Nordstrom for $150. It's the best beauty investment I have ever made. Although my lashes aren't back to where I want them, they are still on the right track. I hope my review helps and hopefully it's in time to add to your Christmas wishlists :)

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Revitalash Advanced

Before Revitalash:

After the first tube of Revitalash, around 1+ years of use:

After running out of Revitalash, around April 2014:

After not using Revitalash for a few months. This was in July after my wedding and my lash extensions coming off. My lashes were still long but not as full as I like. They would grow back in, just not as full as before:

My lashes today after using Revitalash for less than 2 months. I started my newest tube on October 31st. So hopefully they'll be nice and cray soon enough :)

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  1. Do you still use revitalash? Would you mind posting an update? Thank you for your informative review!