Merry Christmas, Darling.

Hi y'all!

Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope y'all had a great time & spent it with all of those you love. This year, my parents were going out of town during Christmas so we had an early Christmas get together with them. It was definitely a little weird not having them around on actual Christmas day but still wonderful all the same. We unfortunately didn't get a good family photo, I had to do some major editing on my entire family photo so I'm just sharing one of Mike, Juicy & me.

Btw, I realize Juicy may not look super happy in most pictures unless her mouth is wide open LOL but she really is a happy lady! It's just her little "eyebrows" that makes her look constantly worried.

On Christmas day, Mike made us a yummy breakfast. I got him a shirt (it says Triple Dog Dare You) as one of his presents & so he chose to wear my apron so he didn't get bacon grease on himself :)

We went out and spent some time with Mike's family which is always nice. Then for dinner, I made a pot roast, Mike made mashed potatoes & for dessert we had pineapple cream cheese pie from our favorite family restaurant. I posted a pic of it on Instagram if you are curious. My brother came over for dinner & we watched The Interview (super Christmasy haha). Overall it was a really nice Christmas!

Juicy was begging for a bone candy cane. Last year, before her health scare, we left them lower on the tree and she literally took them down several pieces at a time. Now I am really REALLY protective of what she consumes but still wanted to keep our tradition going. So we  hung the bone candy canes up really high on the tree and only gave her maybe 3 or 4 over the holiday season. Better safe than sorry! It's really hard to say no to her, I mean look at that face!!!! AGHHHH <3 p="">

As for my makeup, I was really bummed out because I had an awful waxing experience & pretty much my skin got ripped off on my right eye which has never happened before. So I was patiently waiting for it to heal. To keep it a little festive, I lined my lower lashline & waterline with green using MAC Humid eye shadow. I'm wearing the Red Cherry #47 lashes that I got from my last haul (I was trying to hide my burn scab) & MAC Verve lipstick (my absolute favorite, I can't get enough). I'm wearing a Christmas present from my sister, now that I'm a wifey, I want to show it off! Hehe :)

Lastly, can we just take a moment to enjoy this picture quality!!!! All thanks to my new studio lights (that I bought for less than $60)! I purchased them off Amazon and they're the Cowboy Studio 3 Lighting Kit (mine are the white ones but now I'm wondering if I should have gotten the black and silver). For the price, it really is a good value. I bought them so I can record videos whenever I want (busy season is right around the corner so I thought I'd give myself the chance to record after work..... we'll even see if that happens haha) & to help in taking pictures. Especially outfit selfies in the mirror. My room just has poor lighting so my mirror outfit pics always need a ton of editing & don't even look its best. Since this is just my hobby, I didn't wanna invest in something crazy expensive and I think it works out for what I need it for. Seriously, look at this quality! I'm in awe... and you can see my brow burn. Fun.

Hahahaha I just wanted to take a cute mommy/baby picture and she was not interested. She looks so unhappy hahahaha oh well. Love her!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

With love,

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