Beaches & Birthdays

Hi y'all!

A couple weekends ago, Mike and I took a trip down to the southern part of Texas to enjoy a little beach time. While the beaches in Texas are not as large or pretty as in California, we still had a pretty good time. It was such a short trip, we plan on heading back there in a couple of months.

We had to drop Juicy off at a pet resort. We were so nervous because it was our first time leaving her alone with either Mike or myself to be with her. After looking over the reviews on Yelp, we chose Pet Resort Dallas. They did a great job and we even got to watch her play over monitors. I'd highly recommend them for those in the Dallas area!

Mike found a jellyfish washed ashore!

We chose to spend time at Port Aransas, TX. We had to take a ferry to get to the island, but I think it can be accessed by a highway too. It wasn't a bad time. I had a migraine for a little which wasn't fun but the beach was clean & even allowed dogs on leashes. We're going to bring Juicy down with us the next time.

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*Please excuse my weirdo face, only pic we got that showed the bikini well* I have to take a moment to say how IMPRESSED I am with Victoria's Secret customer service. Our trip was extremely unexpected so I ordered a bikini. It arrived 2 days before our trip but it was the wrong bikini and had odd blotches on it. I called them up and they sent me over another top and bottom and sent it over Express mail without an extra charge. I got it the night before we left and just have to mail the other bikini back within 30 days to avoid charges. So impressed!!!

Mike found me some seashells :)

Mike being silly lol

Mike got some intense sun on the way down since he insisted on having the top down on the convertible... not to mention that he's already got a golfer's tan lol

In our hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

April 9th was Mike's 28th birthday. We went to our fave sushi place in Arlington, Sushi Domo. This is my fave roll, spicy tuna with cream cheese.

Mike loves the volcano roll... probably because it's on fire.... boys..

Mike's birthday cake. My man's 28! :)

Hope y'all had a great weekend!



  1. Stephie I was thinking of getting your biofit top in black but it was backordered til May when I had it in my shopping cart. I love your blog posts and updates! <3

  2. The weather looks great in Texas!

  3. Love the beach. And the cake looks delicious!

  4. haha, the picture of you in the swimsuit with the weird face is awesome. you're still super sexy though ;p i've never seen a sushi roll that was "on fire" ... but it all looks delicious!

  5. Ahhh..those beach pictures make me want to be there!
    Your bathing suit is too cute :)
    Good to hear u got it on time... props to VS.

    Umm.. sushi and cake.. I'm sure my bf would love the volcano roll too because of the fire... boys will be boys!
    Glad to see you guys had a great time together.

  6. We had a Portuguese Man-of-War infestation in Miami this February. They were washed up all along the shore!
    Happy belated birthday by the way! :)


  7. happy birthday, mike!! it looks like you guys had a great time and that bikini looks great on you!! i'll have to check out Sushi Domo the next time i'm in Arlington too! :)

    cute & little